Managing Editor: Prof Ashis Sarkar Impact Factor: 1.32 (ASI Score,09/2019)
ISSN: 2249 3921
EISSN: 2249 4316
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The Indian Journal of Spatial Science (IJSS) is a publication of the “Indian Society of Spatial Scientists”(ISSS). It is a Peer-Reviewed/Refereed, open access, and subscribing journal with all the content published under free licenses, and anyone is allowed to read, download, copy, and distribute.

The ISSS aims to make ‘Research in Spatial Science’ of global standard with worldwide reference. It is concerned with all fields of Geography, Geology, Geoinformatics, Social Science, and other Spatial Sciences as well.

Tremendous research is going on in the fields of applied geography, geoinformatics, earth science, and social sciences at the college and university level all over the globe and soon, the IJSS is expected to be a gateway for some of the best research articles and presentations. Excepting the ‘honourary members’ and ‘authors of high repute’, it is a ‘subscribing’ journal and there is no processing or other charges for publication of Articles.

Basically, it is intended for the publication of research by the young scholars of Geography and allied disciplines all over the world. Currently, it is published twice a year as Spring Issue (on the eve of Vernal Equinox: March 21) and Autumn Issue (on the eve of Autumnal or Fall Equinox: September 23). However, they should strictly conform to the Author’s Rule Book.

The IJSS has been awarded the EISSN 2249 – 4316 for the On-Line Version and ISSN 2249 – 3921 for its Print /CD Version in 2011 by the National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources.

Since 2014, the IJSS has been affiliated with the Humanities and Social Sciences Net On-Line ( and later it has been indexed by the Advance Science Index ( 1260). The ASI Score (September 2019)=1.32. The Cosmos Impact Factor of IJSS (2018) = 6.521. The IPI Value of the IJSS (2019) = 2.08. The Citefactor Impact Factor for 2020-21 = 0.97. The IJSS is also included in the ICI Journal Master List.

In May 2017, the UGC enlisted The IJSS under Science (Sr.8083), Social Science (Sr.12872), Arts & Humanities Category (Sr. 6048). On December 15, 2018, the UGC re-approved the IJSS at Sl No. 7617. Currently, it is yet to be UGC Carelisted.

The secured website ( has been completely redesigned in which all past issues are available and can be accessed free. One can register for free and log in to explore easily. The manuscript can be submitted online. Before the review, all articles are checked for plagiarized content using ‘Turnitin’. After review, the Copy Editor edits the English language as and where necessary.

The content of this journal does not necessarily represent the views or policies of the ISSS until explicitly identified as such. Hence, the editor or the ISSS shall in no way be responsible for the views expressed by the authors in their articles.

Finally, I do convey my heartiest congratulations to our Hon’ble Peer Reviewers, Copy Editors, Composer, and the Website Manager for their sincerest efforts in the regular publication of the IJSS.


Prof Ashis Sarkar

Managing Editor and Publisher